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About Us

The land of Sawajehra holds the propensity of heart. The land is saturated with medicine for what ails you. It offers what each person is seeking. They will find it at the land of Sawajehra. Sawajehra was cultivated from the heart. It is a heart space.

A center. In the Center of Gainesville's Porters Community. Sawajehra is land, Village, and home. It is a hug, a home-cooked meal, a cup of tea, a retreat, a fire...

We embrace, we receive, we welcome, we smile, we cry, we laugh, we get angry. We are humanity and that is our Divinity. 

Sawajehra symbolically is a massive mountain where the fire sits at the center, at the peak as a beacon of hope, protection, prayers, and reconciliation. 

Sawajehra is "  A place for Us to roam free" 

Sawajehra Village is a world within this world. 


With Much Love, 


OriBunmi Anunaku-EON

& Jahmie YaBompesseh Ka Blai 


Sky Above is a gift to the Planet. An experience of As above So below meeting on the earth plane to bring the experience of nourishment, fulfillment, wealth, health, abundance, intimate relationships from the cosmos, nature and humanity. Pouring out, Sky Above is all encompassing of the sustainability of Life, the joy of life, the absolutes of life. LOVE, CONNECTION, DIVINE LAW, JUSTICE, HARMONY for all to partake.

Sky Above is the womb of Creation.

Sky Above is the birthplace of infinite, endless possibilities, it is the vision that comes when despair clears out. It is the true Birthplace of the Power of Love, the home of stars, ancient knowledge, multidimensional connections and worlds upon worlds. A universe so vast it keeps creating reciprocity, infinity. Given to all, as a gift a gateway to ALL Is...

Pure existence, it gives birth to a Dinner Date Experience, Amphitheater and Music, Fire, Market place, Rituals and Ceremonies. A place for creative expression to live, thrive with liberty & justice for All in truth. A place for Spirit children to come full term and be the divine expression of Life Force, Sky Above is LOVE.

Energetic, reconnection, remembrance of our fullness, oneness and Royal Divinity.

Sky Above is home

Anunaku Osceola & Team




Kris Drumm

AKA Sister Kris

Ordained Interfaith Minister

To Be at Sawajehra Village and in the presence of Anunaku and Jahmie is to be immersed in Beauty, Love, and Inspiration. Beautiful Queens Anunaku and Jahmie greet each visitor with open hearts and utmost respect, supplying nourishment for body, mind, and Spirit. Both these women are multi-talented and share their gifts freely. Jahmie entrances with her ethereal flute, spiritual movement and dance, and Anunaku lights Healing Mystical Fires for storytelling, truth telling, and connecting to ancestral wisdom. Anunaku creates spectacular body adornments, and serves exquisite meals made with the Sawajahera Village Garden under “Sky Above”, her venue for couples’ rich intimate experiences. Both Anunaku and Jahmie have joyful spirits and are friendly and attentive to each guest. When I am there, I have the sense of being transported to a realm of love, magic and mysticism.

I am inspired by their vision which is fueled by Spiritual Guidance, enthusiasm, commitment and care for community and collective efforts. 

To Be at Sawajehra Village is to be Blessed and Gifted with Beauty, Love, and Inspiration.


Zion Eli'Jah


Sky Above has truly been a life-changing experience for me. I could feel the sense of belonging and community in Sawajehra Village as soon as I stepped foot there.
Sky Above is more than simply a location—it's an extraordinary experience. It has been a great honor to have the chance to assist and participate in Sawajehra Village's amazing projects. There is no measure to the sense of purpose that arises from being a part of something greater than oneself. Not only does Sky Above have a concrete effect on the society, but it also creates intangible relationships. I never would have guessed that my involvement would foster a deeper bond between myself and Gainesville's core. It has to do with getting deeply knitted into a community's fabric.
Jahmie and Anunaku are the beating heart of Sky Above, and their presence exudes a warmth that feels like family. Their unwavering commitment to the betterment of Sawajehra Village and its people is inspiring. I have experienced a sense of connection that transcends biological ties and the affection of family when I am with them. The fires at Sky Above represent more than just physical fires; they also represent the passion and zeal that propel constructive transformation. It's a figurative fire of communal spirit that burns brightly, uniting people and creating enduring bonds. I
've learned through my experience with Sky Above that serving others is a manner of life, not just an act. It's about connecting the dots, constructing the necessary bridges, and establishing a loving, supportive community. My interactions with Sawajehra Village, Jahmie, and Anunaku have demonstrated the strength of a cohesive community and the efficaciousness of compassion. In addition to improving the lives of people it assists, Sky Above has deeply impacted me personally. It's a trip filled with love, kinship, and a reminder that every thread in life has a purpose.

Pamela Koons

Executive Director 

Listen live: At The WELLness Network, Inc


I needed a specific healing that I didn't know I needed.  

With very few words my sisters guided me to a spiritual place that started me on my journey to breaking negative soul-ties and accepting spiritual healing.  

My prayer is that my gratefulness for their works will be shown in the light that I can share with others through my love for Forgiveness, my fellow soul travelers, and me.

Thank you Anunaku for providing this anointed space for discovery and healing.


Erinesha Hamilton 

In the heart of Sawajehra Village, my spiritual journey has unfolded like a sacred tapestry woven with threads of sisterly love, ancient rituals, and transformative experiences. Each visit to this enchanting haven feels like a pilgrimage, grounding me in a profound connection and familial warmth beyond the ordinary.

From the moment I set foot in Sawajehra, I was embraced by the hosts Ori Bunmi Anunaku Odeyemi and, soon after, Jahmie Ya Bompesseh Ka Blai, with a kind of love that is both genuine and unconditional. This love forms the foundation of my experiences, creating a bond that transcends the superficial and resonates on a soulful level. Sawajehra, to me, has become synonymous with the warmth of a spiritual family.

The sacred fire ceremony became a pivotal moment in my journey during my initial visit. Guided by the wisdom of Ori Bunmi Anunaku Odeyemi, the ritual connected me with the ancient traditions of Sawajehra and provided me with a profound sense of guidance and purpose. It was as if the flames whispered the universe's secrets, igniting a spiritual awakening within me.

Most recently, a spiritual bath at Sawajehra left an indelible mark on my soul. The meticulous care taken during the lock wash and cleansing with a customized shampoo, under the guidance of Ori Bunmi Anunaku Odeyemi, was beyond ordinary purification—it was a ritual of transcendence. The subsequent retwist became a symbol of physical transformation and renewal of my inner self, leaving me feeling nothing short of holy.

Sawajehra Village, with its ancient wisdom and nurturing spirit, has become a touchstone in my spiritual quest. It is a place where I find solace, renewal, and a deep connection to my higher self. The love, support, and guidance bestowed upon me have shaped my spiritual growth.

In conclusion, Sawajehra Village is not just a destination but a living, breathing sanctuary that imparts a sense of peace, purpose, and interconnectedness. Gratitude fills my heart for the sisterly love, the guidance through sacred rituals, and the transformative experiences that continue to unfold with each visit. Sawajehra is not merely a place; it is a sacred journey, and I eagerly anticipate the chapters that await this spiritual odyssey.”

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