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True Givers

Energetic Reciprocity of Our Ancestors of the Middle Passage & Ocean Depths

The land of Sawajehra holds the propensity of heart. The land is saturated with medicine for what ails you. What you seek you will find in the sanctuary of Sawajehra Village. Sawajehra was cultivated from the heart. It is a heart space. A center. 

In the Center of Gainesvilles Porters Community. 

Sawajehra is land, Village, home

It is a hug, a home cooked meal, a cup of tea, retreat, a fire...

We embrace, we receive, we welcome, we smile, we cry, we laugh, we get angry. We are humanity and that is our Divinity. 

Sawajehra symbolically is a massive mountain where the fire sits at the center, at the peak as a beacon of hope, protection, prayers and reconciliation. 

Sawajehra is "  A place for Us to Roam free" 

Sawajehra Village is a world within this world. 


With Much Love, 


OriBunmi Anunaku-EON & Jahmie YaBompesseh Ka Blai 

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Trust Fundraiser

“Trust is the solution that funds our future” is the spirit that drives the efforts and dedication of the Sawajehra Village Council, a collective of educators, food growers, community builders, and ancestral advocates committed to generational restoration, ecological renewal, and energetic reciprocity.


In 2023, Ori Bunmi and Jahmie were called to the Porters Community to erect Sawajehra Village, a place for reconciliation and re-creation through the elements, sound, meditation,  movement community support & and pure resources. Their collective gifts anchor with love, integrity, and infinite possibilities.

Sawajehra Village TRUST Fundraiser will support the following ongoing offerings:

And so much more


You and a guest are graciously invited to the Sawajehra Village 

  • Sky Above Dinner Date Experience

  • Sky Above Amphitheater & Music International

  • Spirit Walk Playful Journeys

  • Origins Fire Gatherings HL22

  • Fireside with Educators & Mental Health Providers​​

  • Food Growers

  • Educators

  • Parents

  • Ancestral Advocates

Reciprocity Integrity Posterity Rising in Power.

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